Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year

I am very happy to welcome 2007 and say goodbye to the turbulence of 2006. I try not to get caught up in labeling some years as lucky and others as unlucky, but 2006 was one of the roughest years I've ever had.

But I want to focus on the positive and there is much to celebrate. First and foremost, my mother's cancer was completely removed and despite her struggles with recovery, she is feeling better each day and the cancer is gone. And really, despite all the struggles of 2006, I survived them all. I realized one of my biggest dreams...Paris! I started dating someone wonderful towards the end of the year and that gives me a lot of hope. All of the struggles and all of the positive moments only strengthened who I am as a person. And I'm not just saying that. I really feel that sense of strength and that's what I want to take into 2007.

So, here I am, 30 years old, heading into 2007. I've never been a real New Year's Resolutions type of girl. You know, one to write out a list and vow to give up everything indulgent in life! I am always introspective and definitely don't need a new year to become hyper reflective. Nevertheless, a new year does provide a good point of departure and I'm looking forward to the year ahead. Best wishes to all for the year ahead. Bonne Année!


Cavalock said...

Really glad to hear bout yr mom. ;)

Nah, I’m not into NY resolutions either. Take care and have a good year too!

carra said...

I am so happy to know your mother's cancer is gone! That is definitely wonderful news! By the way do you know how to answer your phone? And very happy new year darling. See you this year?

b said...

Cavalock...thanks. I really appreciate your kind wishes. Looking forward to reading about your adventures and experiences in the year to come!

Carra...no, I actually avoid answering my phone at all costs! Haha. Truly, I am not a phone person. Yes, I have a cell phone but I don't really have it attached to my hip. I just am not a big phone person. So sorry darling. When you called last, I was at my parents' house and in the thick of things! I hope you have a wonderful year. Oh...I am so hoping to get back to France this year. I don't know that I can wait for another visit! :-)

richard said...

Always try to focus on the positive (one of those easier said than done things when you are feeling down).

Some people believe that like attracts like, so if you focus on negatives, you atttract more negatives.

Personally, I am not convinced.

Hope you have a properous and positive New Year!

Pam said...

Fabulous news about Mom!

A new year can indeed be refreshing. Do remember your strength, and wisdom too, as you go through this year - and enjoy!