Friday, February 09, 2007

January: Great Expecations

Not being a particular fan of New Year's Resolutions, I didn't make some grand, overly ambitious list of things to accomplish this year. But every new year, like every change in season, does bring about a natural inclination to reflect upon where I am at in life, etc. Instead of over-analyzing all the things I want to change or improve about myself (which only leads to extreme dejection), I simply thought about what things inspire and fulfill me. Of course, reading was the first thing that came to mind and so I resolved to read one book a month.

I love reading but I often allow myself to get sidetracked by life. I tell myself that I'm far too busy to start a new book and before I know it, a couple of months pass and I look longingly at my shelf of unread books and feel miserable. But this is ridiculous. Reading is such a constant and fulfilling friend and (as with many things we wrongly convince ourselves, out of guilt, that we must relinquish) it is simply a matter of making time for it.

So, I thought that Great Expectations was particularly apropos to start the year off, given my own great expectations...hey, just because I didn't make a list of resolutions for the new year doesn't mean those really hefty goals aren't rolling around in my head! Of course it is a classic and was a great read. It is always rewarding to be reminded that money and status don't ever really set a person free, but rather, often bind them to ridiculous things and often at the price of those truly fulfilling aspects of life.


Louis la Vache said...

Louis la Vache loves to read, too! Louis has over 500 books in his apartment - and he's read most of them!
Louis always keeps his book with him - even when standing in line at the Post Office, for example. Any time Louis sees that he has a little down time, he picks up his book, and plows through some 20 - 25 books a year.

b said...

Louis: even read in line at the Post Office, huh?! You are a serious reader!!! :) Do you read a lot of history books? Your blog is full of wonderful accounts of history!

One day I am certain that I too shall possess that many books! I'm well on my way! I love being surrounded by books. Now that I am no longer in grad school, I am sure that I will be reading at a much greater rate...and that makes me so happy!