Thursday, February 22, 2007

Naked Caddies?!

The beauty of staying with my parents while I look for a job and apartment in the city? Seemingly endless amusing moments. Here is but one of many:

Mom: Oh my God! Did you hear what has been going on at the golf club nearby?!

Me: No. (I love how my parents start everything with this question. Of course I haven't heard!)

Mom: Well (disgusted sigh), men have been sneaking onto the golf course in the middle of the night to play...and (an even more exaggerated sigh of disgust)....they have been bringing naked women!!!

Me: Naked women? While they play?

Mom: Yes. Naked women.

Me: Are the men also naked? Or just the women?

Mom: I think just the women. I don't know. But isn't that just appalling?!

Me: Wait. If the men are golfing, what are the naked women doing? Are they golfing naked? Or are they naked caddies?

Mom: I don't know. But they are NAKED!

Me: I realize that but I'm confused. Do they arrive naked or is it some form of strip golf? I mean, I realize the men are golfing, but what do these naked women do? And isn't it rather cold outside to be naked?

My mom and I started laughing at the absurdity of this. At first, all she could think about was how perverse such a scenario was. Then we were crying from laughing so hard. Because, really...what is that all about?!

Ah, good times. Staying at home should make for some entertaining posts here! Stay tuned.


Louis la Vache said...


carra said...

OMG. I have never heard anything like this in my life! Naked Caddies! I nearly pee-ed myself!

Pam said...

What a great conversation: Mom is stuck on the "nakedness" and you want to know WHY! A typical and oh so funny Mother-Daughter chat!!!

I remain tuned to your posts!

b said...

Louis and Carra...I am happy you enjoyed this as much as I did! My mom and I were literally crying. Good stuff!

Pam...I'm glad you were able to see exactly where I was going with this. Yes, the idea itself is bizarre but what made it so funny was just how focused my mom was on the apalling nakedness and I had to go and get sassy...and really pursue why! I love these moments with my parents. We all have a great sense of humor and I really enjoy tapping into that!

carra said...

Well be you know what it's all about don't you? It's you always analyzing things; I.E. why there where naked women and why they were naked! When your mom was quick to accept it that there were naked women and it is so awful regardless of the reason... I had to write this as it was buggering me for a day now!

b said...

carra...yes, you know me. i do analyze things quite intensely. but really, with this situation, i was trying to be silly with my mom. she was so mortified about this debacle, that i decided to be silly about it. i realized that my mother probably had some twisted version of the story and it seemed so laughable to me that i had to pursue it further.

not only am i one to over-analyze, but i am very goofy at times! case in point: our hilarious conversation about king henry's bedroom (was it king henry VII?) in the louvre. remember how long we sat there contemplating all the chairs lined up in front of his bed?! hilarious!

Richard said...

Hmmm, I suspect naked caddies are blocking your site at work.

What can I say, some people are foolish.

La Belette Rouge said...

Gives whole new meaning to fore-play! I recently read about gold balls that glow in the dark---now I get why they might be valuable.
Hilarious. LOL!!

b said...

LBR... So that IS why there are glow in the dark golf balls! Haha. Fore-play, indeed... but definitely not my kind of foreplay at all!