Thursday, March 22, 2007

Slowly but Surely

Slowly but surely, things are coming together for me. I just interviewed for and was offered the position as a full-time permanent contractor for a keywording company that works with stock photography agencies. The job is great so far. I think I am perfectly suited for it and the people are wonderful. It is a small company with tremendous growth potential. I'm currently working in the office for training, but after that, I will be working primarily from home or wherever I choose. I love the flexibility the job offers and am hoping that will allow me to pursue other things more consistently, including submitting some of my writing for publication and learning more about photography.

I really want to get a digital SLR camera and get into photography. Wow, I am such a geek! But things are coming around for me again.


buzzgirl said...

Sounds great!

I'm actually on the job market myself. I'm not sure what kind of work I'll end up doing (I'm over the type of work I've done since '98), but hopefully I'll find something as interesting as you.

Cavalock said...

yay! The job sounds great esp the part where u get to work from home. ;)

Ancilla said...

wooooooooooow b...

great :)

Pam said...


The flexibility sounds particularly wonderful as does the growth potential.


Richard said...

Good for you.

I am always curious how keywording works. Do you try to find as many keywords as possible that suit the stock photo? Or do you have a stock list of words which you apply against the photos?

Kim/Thomas said...


A book you must go out and get today!!!!!! (I mean, get your shoes on, and go get it NOW)

Actually you may already have it:) you are usually way further than me in books!

It is called...THE SECRET!

It is a really inspirational book...of things we, from time to time..when our lives are going good, already know and apply....this book is a wonderful reminder and has some great tips!

b said...

buzz...i too hope you find something you enjoy. i am just of the mind that i really want to enjoy what i do, even if it isn't always "fun." i know that it is a lot easier for someone like me, who has no children or family depending on my income. but truly, i think you can have security and satisfaction/happiness with what you do. good luck!

cavalock...i love being able to work from home or remote locations. i've never enjoyed going to an office, primarily because of the office politics aspect.

ancilla...yeah, we'll see. i'm definitely not a photographer right now. but i'd like to play around with it. sounds fun, huh?

pam...thank you. :)

richard...actually, both. you go through an initial list of main keywords (i.e., horizontal, color photography, front view, one man, small group of animals, landscape) and then you apply unique key words and concepts to each photo, but maintaining consistency with industry/company keywords.

kim...i will definitely get that book. thanks for the recommendation.

Ancilla said...

it sounds fun...

it nice to see the world :)
sometimes we see something in different ways while we see the thing carefully.

Alison said...

That does sound like a great job. I hope that you are able to start exploring the wonderful world of photography!

b said...

ancilla...thank you. it is a fun job and allows me so much flexibility. yes, slowing down to really take things in does change one's perspective considerably.

alison...thank you. i too am excited about getting into photography. my job is really opening me up to the art. thanks for stopping by and commenting!