Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, Paris...

A year ago today, I was boarding a plane for Paris. About a month ago I gave serious consideration to the possibility of taking another trip to Europe this month. But, I love autumn here and my new job promotion requires that I be in the office as much as possible for the first two months, before returning to the much loved freedom of working primarily from home. I was okay with the decision not to take a trip this month but suddenly this week, I feel such a longing to return...or really, just a longing to go someplace. Maybe it is the fact that I've been in the office so much. Anyone that knows me well knows that a Monday-Friday office job is a sure way to kill my will to live. As dramatic as it sounds, it is true. I have never done well in those jobs. I feel like a caged animal. Sure, I work at least 40 hours a week at home. But it is different for me...very different.

Anyway, yes...I miss Paris. I miss sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight. I miss change of scenery. I haven't taken a substantial trip this year and that makes me feel heavy. I do have the current beauty of autumn to console me for now but I am sure that come winter, I will be feeling incredibly restless. For some reason, as I think about this building restlessness, New York seems to call my name. I like New York in its shroud of winter. Museums, cab rides, great hole-in-the-wall restaurants, fog, skyscrapers.

New York might do the trick for a long weekend but Paris still lingers and is a marvelous gateway into the many places I have yet to discover in Europe.

Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones.” - Annie Sophie Swetchine.

Something tells me that travel is the serious part of my frivolous life and not the other way around.


Richard said...

You are probably pining for it because you have fond memories of it. Imagine if your trip had beena disaster, I am sure you would not be dreaming wistfully about going again.

I can certainly empathize with soul eating 9-5. But, I need to eat and I am not sure I am disciplined enough to work on my own. Time frittering is one of my great talents.

I had a friend who loved to travel. Many times we went out and hanged out at the airport watching the planes come and go.

carra said...

B, instead of feeling sad, try planning your next trip, whether it is going to be New York, or Paris. Think about it, what would you do, where would you go... It makes it happen that way.
Today a year ago I was driving my husband mad, reminding him that I have to be in Paris soon, to meet you!
I miss you, I miss driving you crazy all night long

Kim/Thomas said...

If you come to NY, we better figure out how to get you to syracuse for a couple days of it:)

b said...

richard...yes, i know that those fond memories are triggering the desire to travel. fortunately for me, i do not have a family to support, so i am at greater liberty to refuse the 9-5 office life. i too can fritter away my time but always manage to get my projects in by deadline. and for me, i'd rather deal with self-discipline than deal with office politics, etc.!

carra...oh, don't get me wrong. i'm not necessarily sad. i am just ready for another getaway. i think i will try to get to nyc this winter sometime. yes, a year ago we were meeting up and spending a day at the louvre together, followed by pastis and great conversation! i hope we can do it again sometime! :)

kim...yes, i have to make it up to see you! i've been wanting to for so long now!!

Mélanie said...

You miss Paris and I miss NYC above all during the indian summer .
May be we could switch ...

b said...

mélanie...thank you for stopping by my blog. yes, i do miss paris but have admittedly only been in autumn. i'd love to see it in spring and summer. as for new york, isn't it a great city as well? i do have fond memories of a few great, warm indian summer nights spent there.

that's why travel is so essential to me...being able to experience so many different places to break up the monotony of my daily life. even if we live in a beautiful place, it is always great to shake things up and get away.

and yes, i would be MORE than happy to get away to Provence!!!