Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday. Autumn, football, food, family, giving thanks. It's as beautiful as that. I love the idea of coming together and eating a lot of great comfort food and red wine. I like arriving at my parents' house, wearing a warm coat and scarf and setting the table. I have this love affair with table setting for holidays. I love to do it. Last night I went over to my parents' house and made pumpkin pies and then set the table with a gorgeous amber colored velvet table runner, cast iron turkey placecard holders (I love placecards!), and these special autumn-colored sleeves with a note inside for each member of my family. I started a tradition a few years ago in which we randomly draw someone's name and write three things we appreciate about that person on a card and then, when everyone sits down for dinner, we all read our cards.

My family gets together often but Thanksgiving is just so pure and special to me. There are no gifts, no financial burden. We each contribute to the meal and it just feels good. The crisp autumn air, the afternoon football, a fire in the fireplace (mandatory! I cannot imagine Thanksgiving without a fireplace!), and an easiness that no other holiday seems to produce.

So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly thankful for all of you wonderful bloggers. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all and love hearing yours. Thanks for the support and your many kindnesses. They are deeply felt.


mattbg said...

I like that you keep mentioning autumn. It's my favourite season, too!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Richard said...

I hadn't thought about it, but Thanksgiving is the only major holiday that doesn't have any expectations of gift-giving or other social obligations besides just getting together with family and eating.

I am envious that you guys get 4 days for Thanksgiving, we only get 3 :(

b said...

mattbg...thank you! yes, i mention autumn A LOT because i appreciate it so very much and seem to be mesmerized by it more each year! glad to hear that you too appreciate it!

richard...yes, that non gift giving element is wonderful. canada celebrates thanksgiving in early october, right? yeah, four days is nice, although i will be working at home 2 of those days! :)

mattbg said...

richard, apparently a number of stores broke tradition and opened on Thanksgiving Day to get a head start on Black Friday this year :(

Randal Graves said...

Count me in with the autumn lovers, but I could do without wingnut relatives on the holiday itself. :)

And stores open ON Thanksgiving? The lure of the hedonism of shopping is all powerful, it seems.

inherwritemind1 said...

Hi, b,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Like Richard, I like that Thanksgiving isn't associated with gifts and all that hooplah. I love that it's about family and friends, food, fireplaces and wine.

Hope yours was glorious.

PS If I had to go to work at 4:00 AM on Black Friday, I would call it that too.

b said...

matt...stores were open on Thanksgiving in Canada? Your Thanksgiving day? Yeah, we have quite a few stores open on Thanksgiving, although to be honest, I am not sure if department stores and the mall are open.

randal...ah, the wingnut relatives! :)

inherwritemind1...thanks for the comment. My Thanksgiving went well, thanks. I hope yours did, too. Ugh...4am on Black Friday? Fortunately, I've never had to work that horrific shift, although in my early college days, I had a few retail jobs that required my working on the dreaded Black Friday and I don't miss those days at all! :)

carra said...

Do people really eat turkey for thanksgiving? Sorry for the daft question, but I am from Europe... Happy thanksgiving B.

b said...

carra...yes, we do eath turkey for thanksgiving. other traditional dishes are: stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes or yams, and pumpkin pie. honestly, is that weird to you, as a European? :)

carra said...

The only weird thing is... Why do you need a day to say thank you. Can't you do it every day of the year? Just joking, for me it is curious thing because we don't have it here, that's all!