Monday, December 03, 2007


"Into each life some rain must fall, 
some days must be dark and dreary."
"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It has been raining like mad the last two days. Laying in bed last night, the wind and rain were so powerful they produced an ironically peaceful feeling. Early this morning I had to move my car off the street, as they were street sweeping. I parked about four blocks away and the walk back home felt surprisingly warm and dry for as much rain and wind as there was. It feels (as terribly obvious a statement as it is) immensely cleansing. And it couldn't come at a better time for me after a week in which I found myself feeling emotionally turbulent. But the rain doesn't seem dark and gloomy to me. It actually brings with it a tremendous sense of clarity. And my true path becomes less obscure again. 

So I tread on...rain or shine.


Richard said...

We’ve been having snow.

I do not find the rain soothing. I always sleep poorly whenever it rains.

I like the snow, but, as I get older, I find myself disliking the cold more and more (Sofia says it is a sign we need to move somewhere warm).

Mind you, a good thunderstorm is invigorating.

Was the emotional turbulence good or bad? For me, it is bad when I feel alone.

mattbg said...

I agree with Richard: I find myself liking the cold less as I get older, although I still like it. Particularly at the beginning of the season when you get the contrasts and struggles between the seasons.

We've had some very weird weather the past few days. Well below freezing cold on Saturday, followed by a warming and 6-7" of snow on Saturday night, followed by a further warming and an inch of rain, followed by a flash freeze. Everything is now encrusted with ice, including my driveway.

b said...

richard...we actually did have a little snow here this weekend in the hills. that is interesting that you find the cold less and less appealing. i find myself feeling quite the opposite. the cold and rain seem more soothing and wonderful to me as i get older. granted, our climate is pretty mild here, so we don't have very cold winters. a good thunderstorm is really invigorating. i wish we had more of those here. i remember the thunderstorm i witnessed in iowa a couple of years was the most amazing feeling, waking up to that and watching and hearing it do its thing.

the emotional turbulence was neither good nor bad. it had elements of both, i suppose, as it always does. it wasn't a particularly easy week though.

matt...that transitional period between seasons is great, isn't it? i can see how the cold may be less and less appealing with that much snow and ice. as i said to richard above, it might be easier for me to feel the way i do about the cold, considering the relativity of what i consider cold. being in the pacific nw, our climate really is mild for the most part.

La Belette Rouge said...

When I lived in L.A. I always looked forward to rain, gray and clouds--as compensation to all of that oppressive sunshine. I would actually feel happier on rainy days than on sunny days. Too much sunshine is like a manic defense against introspection. When it is sunny everyone talks about what a beautiful day it is and how you have to go out and enjoy it. When it rains you have freedom to stay home and read a book and take a nap. No pressure.
And, if rain brings you closer to your true path; I say, bring on the rain!!

b said...

la belette rouge... i remember feeling that way when i lived in san diego. the constant sunshine became somewhat oppressive. i really need the seasons to punctuate my many moods! "too much sunshine is like a manic defense against introspection." beautifully put. and yes! when it is nice outside there does seem to be this pressure to enjoy it in some physically active pursuit. whereas the rain is best enjoyed indoors. and there is a tremendous freedom to that. i'm so glad you appreciate that as well! for me, summer always makes me restless and unsatisfied. i think i am going to travel next summer and see what that does for me. my goal is a month in europe with an apartment in paris as my "home base."

Randal Graves said...

Chalk up another vote for rain. And that's exactly what too much sunshine is. For some reason it strikes me as shallow, but I wonder if that's a societal thing simply because sun=good/happy/joy, rain=bad/sadness/depression, and all of us, even us dour types, have subconsciously bought into that tripe. There are days where I love the sun - granted, none of them involve NE Ohio :) - but for introspection, I need the rain, or overcast skies, or the evening.

And b, your last part might be one solution to this riddle. The summer is such a blah time, but if filled up with something you WANT to do, then perhaps the perspective can shift a little and the sunshine won't carry the exact same connotation anymore. Worth a shot, anyway. :)

Richard said...

Sorry to hear it was a hard week for you.

The worst thing is never knowing when it is over. It seems to go away, but then we find that some vapours still linger about like the whiff of boiled cabbage in some forgotten corner.


b said...

randal...yes! another rain lover! i agree with the comment about sun being shallow. i mean, i love it in its own way. i love summer barbecues, motorcycle rides, drinks outdoors, etc. but it just doesn't hold that magical inspiration that rain does. and rain definitely suits melancholy and melancholy, being inspired sadness, often inspires my introspective nature and my soul. i think you are right about changing how summer is. something tells me that spending a chunk of my summer in paris/europe will definitely shake that funk! :)

richard...well said. i thought i had shaken what were some very mean reds a couple of weeks ago (i went off on a construction worker and almost got out of my car to shove the stop sign up, well, you get the picture...but very unlike me!). but yes, vapours of sadness linger and i suppose they always will. thanks for the virtual bouquet. it did indeed make me smile and i appreciate it very much.

carra said...

Rain is relaxing for me, I just love watching the water drops run down the window, so peaceful!