Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resolution: French Phrase A Week

Okay, so not being big on New Year's Resolutions (why must January 1st be some great marker for change?!) but also appreciating resolutions... I am going to introduce another blog resolution. Last year, I resolved to read at least one book a month and blog about it. When I made that blogging resolution, it seemed so silly. I love to read... why should I have to resolve to read at least a book a month? Well, like getting to Paris, daily distractions can eat away at me and before I know it, two months can pass without reading a book. It's ridiculous how we can let our passions go without fully realizing we are choosing to do so on some level.

Anyway, in an effort to make small but meaningful steps towards Paris, I want to post a French phrase each week. I have a great book with all these great French phrases and slang terms called Les Bons Mots and I just bought myself a French Phrase A Day desk calendar. Part of my dream to be in France includes my actually speaking the language, challenging myself to speak more fluently and maybe one day becoming bilingual, as I am very fond of all things French, including their beautiful language.

Wow... as small a step as this might be... just stating that I will do it (as with reading a book a month and losing ten pounds by February 1st... both of which continue to go so well save for my December reading perhaps!) feels like a considerable step forward. Okay, I'll stop dorking out now! :)

First French Phrase A Week to come!


Randal Graves said...

This is a great idea, because to really learn the language, enmesh yourself in society, you need all those idiomatic phrases. Of course, I still have vast amounts of difficult with basic grammar. ;-)

Richard said...

Ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut.

Anonymous said...

Je suis en forme.

When you are there for longer than a month, you'll find yourself automatically thinking simple things in French. Once in the culture you'll be able to throw out these phrases without thinking.

And honey, you know not of the powers of the 'dork'. To steal a phrase from Randal, I am the Bach of Dorkness.

Cheers...or...Be Bach later. HA. See I told you!

b said...

Randal... oh, I do (and will continue to) struggle with basic grammar, pronunciation, etc. But these phrases are fun to learn and I don't want to be limited to mastering "where's the bathroom," and such. Although, we shouldn't underestimate the importance of those phrases!!! More than anything, it will just get me into a weekly practice of posting something French (and easy) and hopefully that will inspire me to continue posting other French things regularly!

Richard... haha. Merci! Correct me if I am translating that incorrectly but: that which woman wants, God wants it? I can see myself using that one very sarcastically but perhaps quite often! ;-)

Colleen...I am sure that living there and really immersing oneself in the language will teach me far more than I could expect to learn from some phrases here in the States. I'm really excited for that learning experience. But for now, as I told Randal above, I really do want to get in the habit of learning some French right now and these phrases are just a fun way to motivate me to post frequently about France.

The Bach of Dorkness, eh? Oh, I think I rank right up there, myself when it comes to dorking out!! ;-) haha... the be bach later was really good. I love it!

La Belette Rouge said...

I want to be a member of the Dork club if you and Colleen are members. ;-)

This is a great "inch." Thanks for sharing the bon mots and the phrases you are learning!!

I have a very simple French book that helps me sneak in some French in a very non-studious way called "French in 10 Minutes a Day". The basic book comes with flash cards and sticky labels you can place throughout your house so you can learn the names of all your stuff without even trying.

Anonymous said...

We shall be the "Dork Squad"!

b said...

LBR... we would be happy to call you on of our own. You and I have dorked out very easily and quite often together! Thank you for your earlier post on getting to Paris inch by inch. I think it was that post of yours and the reminders to follow that really sparked what I see as becoming my great personal growth in the year to come (and beyond) - that notion of slow progress.

The "French in 10 Minutes a Day" book sounds great. I like the sticky labels that come with it too. I should look into getting that as well. I like the idea of these French phrases because many of them I could not learn through their literal meaning. And expressions/phrases always intrigue me, just as quotes do. I do have the first and second levels of the Rosetta Stone French language lessons. They are great and I need to go through them all a few times before France next year. But I don't think I will be too regimented about learning the language. I want to go better equipped than I am but also allow myself to absorb much while there!

Colleen... The Dork Squad it is!!! Although, three fabulous women destined for France? Not very dorky on the outside, are we? ;-)

Anonymous said...


That is the beauty of the "Dork Squad". It boarderlines a super hero power and takes months of training. The power is to look fabulous and together on the outside, but behind closed doors and in close proximity to friends, the dork prevails. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

I wanna be part of the 'dork squad'...pleaaseeeee!

b said...

Colleen... Ah, the beauty of the Dork Squad. I have been cultivating my dorky side for oh so long now. It is so true... that seeming dichotomy between fabulousness and dorky-ness. Yet, the two work so well together, don't they?! But yes, the dork usually prevails!!!

Zen Chef... The mere fact that you want to be a part of the Dork Squad is your ticket! :)

carra said...

Yet again something to prove that we think on the similar note all the time. I intend to post one meaningful quote a week. I love the idea, and it is still not too late for the December book review :) I love your reviews!
And you are certainly right about neglecting the things we enjoy most, it happens so frequently, that I forget I enjoy those things!

b said...

Carra... Yes, we are on a similar wavelength most of the time, aren't we? I love quotes and along with my weekly French phrases, I too plan on posting more quotes on my blog as I used to. They prove so inspiring to me. Haha. It is too late for my December book review, sadly. I did not read a thing in December! I thought I would read during my vacation but I have been so brain dead all week, I've just been watching movies and doing other rather mindless things with my time. Somehow though, I think I really needed such a vacation. Not to worry though... I will be sure to continue my monthly book review in my usual dorky fashion!

Thanks for your never ending support, my friend! I am so appreciative!! And yes, let's get back to that which we enjoy most in 2008.

Richard said...

You got the translation right.

b said...

Richard.. thanks! I suppose that is a phrase you find most useful being a married man? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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b said...

The White Seal... Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'll check out that label printing company, thanks so much!