Monday, April 07, 2008

Austin Bound, Y'All

Yes, I will be headed to Austin this week to visit the incredible La Belette Rouge for five days, y'all! I so can't wait. Not only am I thrilled to meet the lovely and hilarious weasel in person, but I really need a vacation. As my lack of blogging might indicate, I have been so wicked busy recently. We had a HUGE birthday bash for my dad's 70th and my uncle's 60th on Saturday and I've been planning and preparing for it for weeks now, devoting any free time to making it spectacular. And spectacular it was. We had old photos blown up and mounted and then I poured through thousands of old photos and created a bunch of different boards featuring reprints of photos of my dad and uncle throughout their lives.

It was so touching to see my dad tear up as he looked at old photos of himself. And it was great fun playing 40s and 50s music and dancing around the kitchen with my dad. I love him so much and feel immensely grateful that he and I are at this "place" of open love and acceptance of each other. It wasn't always so. My uncle was also very touched. Being divorced with no kids of his own, our (huge) family has really been a primary family for him. He is in so many old photos with our family and we all have such fond memories with him. At the end of the night, we sat around and each brought up a time that our dad really pulled through and helped us out and then a memory of our uncle.

While the party was a success, I have felt so incredibly drained since. Not only am I beyond exhausted, but I feel emotionally drained, beyond what I have felt in so long. I will save all that (observations on life and living life fully, etc.) for a later post. I don't have it in me now!

So, this trip to Austin will be great for me in many ways but mostly because I will get to spend all that time with LBR!! 

Looking forward to blogging more when I return from Austin next week! I'm sure there will be some hilarious adventures to share!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about them B! Have a great time in Austin and say "HI" to LBR for me! Soon France! Whoop whoop.

La Belette Rouge said...

I cannot wait for you to get here. I am so looking forward to your visit. And, Colleen, you will hear is whooping it up all the way in Seattle or France.

And, I for one am not looking forward to reading about your adventures in Austin as it will man you are back at home and I will be sad our adventures are over--until Paris. ;-)

La Belette Rouge said...

It will mean, not it will "man."

carra said...

It seems like you needed that break, blogging silence bad sign. Glad you had a great time with your dad and family, on your father's birthday... I am also not waiting for you to write about your adventures, because it seems like you are going to have a great time with LBR, so enjoy it and worry about on reporting it all later... Have you started the countdown to Paris yet?

Randal Graves said...

Don't worry about the Jack, I hear that LBR has that covered. Enjoy your trip. ;-)

b said...

Function of Time... Thank you! We are having a great time together and can't wait till you join us in Paris! :)

La Belette Rouge... one acronym for y'all - CBIC! Muhahahahahaha. (P.S. this is a bit awkward with you sitting right next to me!)Oh, and remember, you are the man posing as a fabulous woman to lure 31 year old girlies into white slavery via the Francophile community. So watch who you're callin man, MAN!!!

Carra... Thank you so much. We are having a great time. My father's party was incredible and he was definitely emotional. Yes, counting down the days to Paris. I think it is about 80 days away! Still seems so surreal that I will be there for a month! It does and doesn't seem very long ago that we were at the Louvre and getting a Ricard across the street! So much fun!

Randal... Oh, yes LBR was more than ready with the Jack! She realy knows how to welcome a girl to Austin! ;-) Wish you were here to imbibe with us, Texas style!

Lynn said...

Hey B, it's my first time here. You're one absolutely lucky person to get the chance of meeting LBR! You girls have a blast, I'll be green reading reports from both :)

Your blog on dad's and uncle's birthdays touched my heart, suddenly makes me miss my parents like mad isk isk... Great thing going here, looking forward to coming back.

b said...

Hi Lynnn... Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Yes, I so appreciate that I am absolutely lucky that I was able to meet LBR. She is amazing, isn't she?!

Memories are powerful and these old pictures of family that I have really do evoke so much emotion.

Thanks for the very kind comment. I look forward to reading your blog as well!