Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pierre Hermé Lives Around the Corner!

Really, how often in a person's life can they say that Pierre Hermé lives around the corner? For a month, I can claim this with absolute delight. On just my second day in Paris, I was walking around Saint-Germain and stumbled upon Pierre Hermé. I knew that he had a pastry shop in this area, but did not realize that it was near my apartment or literally, just around the corner!

Of course, I went in and being modest on my first visit, I selected five mini macarons to take home with me. The attendant kindly gave me a sample macaron while I waited on line, a half pistachio and half raspberry concoction, made with the most vibrant green and red. I devoured all five at home in no time at all. The top one pictured, rose, was my favorite. It was difficult for me to imagine what a rose macaron would taste like and if eating something that tasted like a rose would even be desirable. OH..... it is!!! The rose essence is ridiculously flavorful and delicious. The middle macaron pictured, the yellow and brown one, is passion fruit and milk chocolate... also ridiculously flavorful. The passion fruit is really intense and paired with the milk chocolate?! Insane.

So, being the good neighbor that I am, I returned yesterday and purchased a nice little dozen of minis. Because that's the kind of neighbor to Pierre Hermé that I am!

P.S. The Saint-Germain Ladurée store is aways down from Pierre Hermé on rue Bonaparte. Belive me, I will be reporting back to you on their macarons with absolute enthusiasm as well!


Randal Graves said...

À ce moment, j'ai faim. :)
Question #1, how fast are these damn Parisians speaking French?
Question #2, are you keeping up? :)

carra said...

Oh my god I am so, so envious, I'd die for some macarons, I need to check the French shop I have just five minutes from me, if they do, they just found a new customer... However macarons always taste better in France just like French wine... Randal there is a saying in France, that parisians make a sentence into one word, and I can confirm it, does that answer to your question?

Richard said...

You make them sound so tempting. I am weak and easily tempted in some ways.

Decent rose flavouring is something to savour. I like quality Turkish delight for that reason.

Be careful or you'll get fat.

Randal Graves said...

In other words, it's just like watching a movie sans the subtitles.

Je ne regrette rien said...

enchanting! who needs cupcakes?!

sinnb said...

Hi B,

So glad you are in Paris. Hope all is well. BTW this is the other B. Anyway If I remember correctly you are also a LOST fan too. Guess who else is in Paris right now. Jorge Garcia AKA Hurley. he has a blog too.
The last time I was in Paris I was in the 4th grade. :( Anyway have fun be safe and Fantasy Football starts soon.

-The Other B