Saturday, April 28, 2007

7 Songs

I’ve been tagged by Tumuli. Thanks for the tag, Tumuli. I think music is such an effective gauge for a person's current frame of mind. And my list clearly proves that. Music is a great indulgence in how I'm feeling at a certain time. I think it would be interesting to write this list out for each week or month and then write down or consider how you were feeling at that time and what was going on in your life. I'm sure the music was played for a reason.

Meme: List seven songs you’re into right now ... no matter what they are. BUT they must be songs you’re presently enjoying.

1. "The Melody of a Fallen Tree" by Windsor for the Derby
From the Marie Antoinette Soundrack. This song tugs at my soul. It is long (8:16) and pulls me through sadness, melancholy, hope, determination, and acceptance. The instrumentals, evolution of tempo, and simple lyrics just get to me every time I listen to it. Lyrics excerpt: Under the leaves where the blackbirds turn blue, if there's room for me...there's room for you. Place your ear to the ground, you hear a sings a song...the whole night long. I am the melody of a fallen tree.

2. "Pulling Our Weight" by The Radio Department
Also off the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack. This song really lets me indulge in melancholy but without being downright sad. This song is a dream song for makes me feel free and light, aware and accepting. It gives me great satisfaction being a dreamer when I listen to this song.

3. "Here I Dreamt I was an Architect" by The Decemberists
Great alternative band.

4. "Time to Get Ill" by Beastie Boys
I've actually been listening to the Beastie Boys quite a bit lately when I work out and in the car. It takes me back to freshman year of college in the dorms, "prefunking" with Andy Balk. Yes, I just used the word "prefunk" and it is just as embarassing for me to use it as it is for you to read it! Anyway, Andy would crank Beastie Boys up and scream out the lyrics. It was such a ritual for us before heading out to some trashy fraternity party. Good times.

5. "Let You Down" by Dave Matthews Band
Yeah, a very sad song but this has been a rough week for me, so it makes the list. And we'll leave it at that.

6. "Good Day" by Angels & Airwaves
Someone turned me onto Angels & Airwaves a few months back and their We Don't Need to Whisper album is one of those that just begs to be played loudly. This song makes me think about vulnerability, how much I give and withhold in relationships, and what I want to be in a relationship. And I know this is kind of cheating but I have to mention that "Start the Machine" (frustration, conflict, yearning, and regret), "Distraction," and "It Hurts" are also great songs off this album that I've been listening to a lot this week.

7. "The Corner" by Common
This song keeps popping up on my iPod Shuffle this week as I am working out and I often repeat it. Common is a great artist among many overrated and under-talented ones. He and Talib Kweli get played a lot, even on a week like this one, full of alternative and mellow stuff.

If the following bloggers are interested in doing this meme, I'd be interested to see what you are currently listening to: Buzzgirl, Pam, Peace & Serenitty, Kim/Thomas, Cavalock, Richard, Ancilla, Run Around Paris, and any others. And thanks again, Tumuli!


Anonymous said...

Nice choices B! I may have to take you up on the meme. Beastie Boys rock! Have a great day!

b said...

anonymous...thanks! definitely let me know if you post the meme on your blog or elsewhere. thanks for stopping by.

Cavalock said...

ha! I just saw yr post. ok, will give it a go later.

b said... pressure. :)

Ancilla said...

i found my name there...
okay then, i'll try to :)

Run Around Paris said...

I'm gonna post mine now...

Richard said...

Oooh! You are not blocked at work anymore.

I am not in a music listening phase at the moment. More books on CD at the moment.

Since I have not done this meme before, I will do it. Perhaps in a few days or a week or two. Too bad this didn't come about two months ago when I was pretty much into endless looping some songs while driving (incidentally, driving is pretty much the only time I listen to music).

Tumuli said...

"I think it would be interesting to write this list out for each week or month and then write down or consider how you were feeling at that time and what was going on in your life. I'm sure the music was played for a reason."

Exactly! We should have this meme again soon.

BTW: It is astonishing how similar our mindsets are.

b said...

ancilla...yes, please do! i'd love to hear what you've been listening to.

erin...oh, good. i'll definitely come check yours out as i am excited to hear what you've been listening to as well!

richard...i'm glad to hear that i'm not blocked anymore. i'll try to avoid those naked caddy posts but i can't make any promises! :) yeah, i definitely go through phases of endless looping with songs myself! tuck the meme away for one of those times!

tumuli...thanks again for the tag. you can see that it was quite popular! i think we should do this meme again soon and every so often at random. maybe we should take turns tagging each other? in reading your blog, i too see similarities between our mindsets. it's great to feel that connection, even with seeming strangers, isn't it?

skaneatelesootm07 said...

how about you just call me, unless you want to type it all out of course:)
woops, this is kim again..i'm just too lazy to change my display name:)

b said...

kim...okay. i'll try and give you a call soon. :)