Friday, May 25, 2007

The Secret

After hearing about The Secret from Kim and Manifesting Jack, I decided to go check it out at the bookstore. I was admittedly hesitant but after reading about and encouraging MJ's quest to break away from the stigma of "self-help" as a writer, I decided that it was time to shed my own prejudices about self-help. I bought a copy and skimmed through it.

Initially it all seemed too common sense to me and I was immediately turned off by the portion of the book devoted to the possibility of finding wealth through The Secret. But this conditioned opposition was soon thwarted. What I immediately picked up in this initial skimming was the fact that our mind is a powerful thing and that which we devote our thoughts to, we bring about. I am a highly overactive thinker. It is disgusting how many thoughts about how many various things are constantly running through my head. It is no wonder that I am such a restless sleeper with the most convoluted dreams! But this seemingly over-simple idea marinated in my mind for a mere hour or two before I realized how powerful The Secret really is.

I was immediately made more aware of my negative thoughts. Fears and general worries were more clearly and powerfully realized, even trivial thoughts I had about things like traffic. As soon as I acknowledged these thoughts, I would instantly redirect negative thoughts to positive ones. And I was, and have been, absorbed in this practice since. As common sense as the practice of diverting negative thoughts to positive ones seems, it takes constant application. Some days are still harder than others and require a much more concerted effort, but overall...this simple Secret is so paramount to shifting things. I feel more at ease and more focused. I feel that I am more effectively managing the many thoughts that run through my mind. And that which I wish to realize, I am devoting so many more of my thoughts to. My dreams seem more attainable and that gives me a greater sense of hope.

Even more impactful than my own experience since picking up The Secret was the expierience I've had in sharing The Secret. After reading through the beginning of the book, I realized how wonderful this would specifically be for two of my siblings. So I went out and bought them each a copy, after they had looked briefly through mine and had a similar experience (reading just a quote or two at the onset of the book and immediately realizing the potential). It has been just two weeks since I got The Secret and one week since buying it for my siblings. I notice such a difference it is already making in each of our lives. I am so inspired to see my siblings more confident and more positive than I've seen them in quite awhile. And I feel that change in me too. I am a naturally optimistic person but I definitely benefit from focusing my thoughts more actively, versus just allowing them to run unchecked as I too often do.


carra said...

B, I have been trying for a year to show that to you and it took one book to finally open your eyes! I am glad you got it. Long time ago someone I knew tought me: 'thoughts negative or positive realise their selves sooner or later', I believed in it since. But I am happy you are having a positive change in your life and within yourself. It is so great and I hope to see the effect coming to life for real in much bigger and greater shape!

b said...

Carra...yes, it is funny you should say that. when i gave this book to my brother, he said the same thing...that i had been encouraging him for quite some time to do much of what the secret suggests.

i don't believe it is that we necessarily disregard what people close to us propose for our lives, but that it takes constant assessment and application, on various levels. it is always easier to look at someone's life from a rather detached perspective and offer sound advice. but when it comes to our own behavior, rationale becomes quickly entagled with deep emotions.

as i said, the secret is not something that is utterly foreign to me or anyone else...just a great, focused approach.

Cavalock said...

don't think i have heard of the book but glad to hear that it's helping you.

btw, finally did yr meme!

Manifesting Jack said...

Hey B -

Nice to see The Secret is working for you.

As you say, there is no big secret - just live a positive existence and life will improve and keep on improving. But the message is brilliantly packaged in The Secret and I believe it will go down as a classic - the DVD is even better BTW.

My one beef with The Secret is the lack of reference to actions and hard work... My own take is to assume that positive thought will lead to corrsepondent actions which will thus manifest all that we might wish for. I certainly think this is so. But application, focus, commitment and dedication are true faciliatators of our dreams and I sometimes feel when watching The Secret that they miss out that part... Maybe that's in the script for Part 2...!

Nonetheless, I am a huge fan. As you know it has changed my lfie for the better and was the portal into the universal 'well of knowledge' that we can all draw upon on a daily basis to improve our own lives and the lives of others.

Hope all good out there - thank you for your continued support - it is greatly appreciated.


Kim/Thomas said...

I so agree with mj about the hard work...some people who critisize the secret, seem to think if you just wish for it, it will appear, that is not my take on it..I think getting your self in that postive mode, will make you work for it and that is how things will happen! He of course explained it much better!

I'm so glad you read it, and you got just exactly what i got out of it!!!

It's weird how hard on some days it can be, but what could be a horrible day, with the secret knowledge, you can turn it around into a positive!!

b said...

cavalock...thank you. i'll definitely check out the meme!

mj...i think that people too often believe that changing their life has to be a nearly impossible feat. the secret is simple for the reason that it is real. when we simplify our lives (including thought and action), we see more clearly.

i agree with you about the action component. but the secret proves to be a great starting point. positive thought requires constant diligence, particularly when one has allowed negative thoughts to dominate for so long. but yes, ideally, that positive thought should eventually compel a person to action, and with that, a willingness to work hard.

you are a great model for the secret and it is really inspiring to watch your journey/development. thanks for the comment and encouragement. i am happy that kim turned me onto your is exactly the inspiration i've needed in my own life, particularly given that we are the same age and on a very similar wavelength.

kim...yes, i agree with that. it seems to be a series of growth...focusing thoughts, propelling those thoughts into action through hard work, and sustaining that. it is harder some days but getting through those days is the best test of character...a test that often yields great fulfillment for me when i do turn it around positively!

thank you again for recommending the book and for your friendship.

Richard said...

I haven't read The Secret, but some browsing in the bookstore and reading other people's comments on it, lead to suspect it promotes the idea that the universe is abundantly plentiful and waiting to manifest for you, all you have to do is ask it.

This idea is not new, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen, Harv T. Eker all promote a similar spiritual or universal law.

If you are open, I would suggest getting the audio book "Cracking the Millionaire Code" - which I think gives pretty good (and practical) advice on how to move forward and achieve things. Avoid the book because it is a pain to read (the brown font on a tan page - low contrast reading, there are puzzles on the pages - distraction).

Another good audio book is "The Spark" by Cirque du Soleil. It passes itself off as the journey of self-discovery of one man, but I am pretty sure it is fiction.

The following thought arrived in my e-mail box today:

Do You have this Gift?

... Mary, a mother of two and full-time teacher, had always wanted to learn how to dance. She talked about it for years and years, but nothing ever came of it.

Why? Well, that's where the gift comes in. Mary may have told other people she wanted to dance, but what she told herself was something entirely different.


You see, Mary convinced herself everything would come together someday; the stars would align and she would learn how to dance. And by doing so, she was able to avoid stepping outside her comfort zone.

This talent, being able to convince yourself that you'll somehow achieve all your goals 'someday,' is what keeps so many people right where they are - far from where they want to be.

It's a trap, but one that can be broken with the right question.

This is Only Natural - But It has to Change

Are you guilty of using this talent? It's nothing to be ashamed of. The desire to remain in your comfort zone is natural, and because of that instinctive need, we jump on the 'someday' bandwagon and push our goals and dreams to the side until another day.

Unfortunately, nothing ever happens. Tomorrow becomes next week, which soon leads to next year. Eventually, the life you wanted to live becomes a distant memory.

You can't fall into the trap of 'someday' because it will never come. This magical time everyone looks forward to, when schedules are completely clear and fears disappear, is a myth.

If you're busy now, if you're afraid to leave your comfort zone now, your situation will be the same ten days, ten months, and ten years from now. It may give you a sense of relief to put off your goals and convince yourself that you'll get to them someday, but chances are, that day will never come.

...answer the following question:

If you continue down the exact same path you're now on, will you end up where you want to be?

Richard said...

Forgot to mention "Refuse to Choose" by Barbara Sher (which I am currently reading).

She describes a type of person that fits me: someone who just can't find that one passion in life, who is interested in everything, but passionate about none.

She calls them scanners - always scanning for something new.

b said...

richard...that is a great excerpt and very apt. i think that i am getting better at dropping the "someday" clause, particularly as of late. but it is is a great barrier. and much like what the secret expounds...that those negative statements predominate and yes, by repeatedly saying "someday," you are always putting it off and it will never be "now." what helps me tremendously is to set a time period...i.e.: "next year at this time i will be living in europe for the summer." and truly, that is something i am working towards. :)

i have heard of "cracking the millionaire code" but to be honest, the title turns me off. sure, i want financial security, but i don't really think of my dreams/pursuits as having a financial reward to them. but maybe i am not giving it a fair chance? yeah, the secret is really nothing new in itself but just a great way to shake a person's habits of mind.