Tuesday, May 29, 2007


In the last month or so, I've asked for deliberate signs regarding a significant part of my life. The first time I asked, I received two undeniable signs the very next day. I came very close to but did not fully act on it. Yet again, I asked for a sign. Little did I know that this next sign I was to receive was prefaced by a dream that had been lingering in my thoughts for a couple of months. When the sign came last week, I laughed out loud...it was so evident and presented itself in such an unexpected and comical manner that my dream did not foreshadow.

Can we create such signs subconcisiously? Maybe. But these are beyond the powers of my creative imagination. And even more interesting, someone else is having these signs on my behalf too. And before you ask, I have not been on a bender and these signs were in no way induced by drugs or alcohol. On the contrary, I've simplified so much and am really happy with the way I've been leading my life.

It's complicated though. Very complicated. And truly, only because I make it so.

Despite having simplified my life in so many ways, I still manage to complicate certain things...and how beautifully I complicate them!


Richard said...

Humans are remarkably adept at interpreting things. We seem wired to continually find patterns and meaning in the world around us. Recognizing a face or a tree or a bird requires a strong ability to find a pattern. It is this same pattern matching ability that permits us to find shapes in clouds or the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast.

As a religious person, I believe I have experienced "signs" in my life. However, I am hyper skeptical and still look for possible evidence that I am making a spurious connection.

But, let's face it, it is a great feeling to "know" that things are going "according to plan" and even if there are twists and turns, we were sufficiently attuned that we were able to compensate or take advantage of new opportunities (like the prospect of starting a publishing house).

I hope things go well for you. It is much easier to live and move forward when nothing can stop you.

BTW, how is the image classification job going? Are you bored of it yet? Does it give you the time you need to pursue other dreams? Does it give you the money you need to pursue other dreams?

Kim/Thomas said...

Follow the signs and see where they lead you!

How simple things can be, even when they look complicated.

people come into your life for different reasons, if you are getting specific signs, then you should pursue them, make it simple, be honest...and just start there...use your words, you use them the best and see where it goes, that person may be important in your life, and it could be for many different reasons...

as i say many times to my kids...use your words!

Ancilla said...

b, it is nice if you can recognize the signs.

because i do believe that we can see a lot of signs in our lives. but we didn't recognize most of them. maybe we just get too busy with ourselves.

for me, the sign is something like the voice of our hearts.

and i always smile whenever i flashed back to what i've done so far. i can see that nothing is really incidentally.

so, what do you see so far b?

Kim/Thomas said...

yes, what do you see ;) ;)

b said...

richard...yes, in part this consideration goes back to my earlier post about individual meaning. i think that our experiences do shape our perceptions but again, i feel strongly that we have been given this ability of perceiving for a reason. you and i may be looking at the same thing but perceive it quite differently. is there one right way of perceiving something? i honestly prefer to answer that with a "no." but i have always been very accepting of ambiguity and don't generally look for absolutes.

and interestingly, i am not religious. i was raised catholic (private school and all) but do not subscribe to religion. however, i consider myself highly spiritual and a person with much "faith." so, i don't think signs must necessarily be religious/spiritual. i look at the change of seasons as a sign. some signs carry more meaning than others.

thank you for the kind wishes. yes, things are going great for me right now. my cataloguing job is great and no, i am far from being bored with it. with each new batch of photos, comes a new challenge. right now i have a batch of travel photos and they are gorgeous. it is a constant brain challenge...interpreting photos, applying concepts, etc. and yes, it has provided me time to pursue other things. right now i am specifically engaged in helping family, moving, and reading quite a bit. as far as money, i've never been one to worry much about it. of course, a person needs money to accomplish certain things but so far, money has not been an obstacle for me.

kim...thank you. yes, words have always been my medium. and absolutely...life had taught me that honesty and simplicity are the only way to go. now to combat that aspect of my nature that allows things to become far more complicated than necessary! :)

ancilla...that is a beautiful analogy..."the voice of our hearts." it is true...i look at signs as the manifestation of my feelings/thoughts. sometimes the thought complicates the feeling (and vice versa) and that's where i let things become complicated. but signs are often this powerful way in which i am made to realize clearly what it is that i truly want. and i too refuse to believe that everything is random or coincidence.

ancilla & kim...what do i see? i see myself being happy and fulfilled. :)

Palm Springs Savant said...

I recommend you seek counsel from Dr Sidney Wang. he can be reached via my blog (coincidentally). The top left side nav, you can pose a question and he will respond with wisdom. Hope that helps!

Ancilla said...

good things and bad things, have their own job to life.

it still hard to see the big picture of life. but then, when we try our best, may we will walk with our head up. no regret.

b said...

palm springs savant...thank you for the recommendation. interestingly, with these particular signs, i know what to do. it is less about counsel and more about putting conviction into action. but i'll keep dr. wang in mind. thanks again!

ancilla...absolutely. walking with one's head held high is key. we should never allow our mistakes/sufferings to prevent us from happiness.

the bad must be taken with the good. that is the key to appreciation. i don't think bad things have to be constantly present to appreciate the good, but experience of pain/suffering/etc. undeniably should teach us appreciation, among many other things.