Saturday, May 05, 2007

Street Sense

Congratulations to Street Sense, the Kentucky Derby winner! I'm not a die-hard follower of horse racing by any means but I really do love to watch races, especially the Triple Crown races, and have such an affinity for these beautiful creatures (the horses that is). I picked Street Sense to win based purely on his looks...he just has this look about him. So, I was really excited for the horse and jockey...particularly given the way in which the jockey strategically held Street Sense back out of the gate, and the jockey's likeable character and emotional victory. I'm looking forward to watching Street Sense at the upcoming Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes...could he be the first to win the Triple Crown in almost 20 years?

The Kentucky Derby was made even more exciting for me because I am taking my niece to a riding farm this coming week, where they teach English riding and jumping. She and I have been talking about taking some lessons together and we are finally going to check it out. I have some riding experience, including lessons, but it has been quite a few years since I've even been close to a horse. For the past year I've had such a strong desire to go riding. The farm we are going to is beautiful...white picket fences, gorgeous facilities, and they offer partial lease programs on horses (yes, an actual "lease" on a horse that is truly comparable to a monthly lease on a pretty nice car...yet the horse lease seems a lot more enjoyable and worthwhile than a car lease). The monthly lease on a horse includes two lessons and one hack (open ride) per week with the same horse. I would so love to do that!


Kim/Thomas said...

i love horseback riding!

Richard said...

Aside from eating them, I really don't have a thing for horses. Of course, Greek mythology is filled with references to horses because they were such a luxury.

Kim/Thomas said...

ooh yes, i love to eat them too!

b said...

please tell me you're both kidding! please!!!

Richard said...

In Montreal, I can walk into any supermarket in my neighbourhood and buy horse meat, either ground or fillets. I can also buy bison and deer. Maybe I will take some pictures and post them on my blog.

Horse meat is very, very, very dry.

Personally, I prefer pork. Sofia prefers beef. And the kids prefer anything that is fried and has no redeeming nutritional value.

b said...

richard...i just cannot think of eating horses or dogs. and i definitely love beef and appreciate and respect that animals serve their purpose in this circle of life. however, horses and dogs are too dear to be eaten for me.

Manifesting Jack said...

hey b.

richard will doubtless return in a future life as the world's smallest shetland pony and spend his days working in a mine or similar... or as a packet of polos (british mints commonly used as horse treats).

equestrianism is a great and noble pastime. i once came 3rd in a gymkana (kids horsing around in fancy dress etc) when i was 6 i think. but that was the end of my equestrian career.

seriosuly though - horse riding takes real focus - so much so that it is one of those few activities that really transports you into a different world... and thus is goood.

thank you for your comment on my 'brit help' blog. we are really on the same page there. young people especially find self help such a turn off. which is so ironic - as it holds so many answers for them. so i am aiming to give them a compelling alternative.

things are coming along nicely - it's basically all about excaping the matrix.

anyway... thank you for your time, thoughts, comments... they mean a lot.

and at least i now have something to blog about today!


Cavalock said...

there's a jap resturant here that serves horse meat, sliced really thin, i think. I been dying to try it but haven't the time. They only open for dinner i think.

b said...

MJ...Thank you for saving me from these horse eating savages! Haha...your comment about the shetland pony had me in tears. As much as I love horses, I've always thought those Shetland ponies incredibly odd! Seriously, I'm glad I'm not alone here when it comes to horses.

Yes, I appreciate that about riding as well...that it puts one in such a different headspace. My mind is constantly turning and I think it will prove a great release for me. I'm really excited to get back into it. Although, I doubt that I will be able to claim any gymkana/equestrian awards...I hope your mother keeps a photo of that victory someplace? Priceless.

Cavalock...hmph. Et tu? :(

Richard said...

Hmmm ... I don't recall mentioning dog. Though, I have friends who have eaten dog.

You sound like my sister who won't eat deer (Bambi).

I suppose mentioning that I have eaten Guinea Pig is out?

b said...

richard...i just threw dog in there with horses as two animals i would never eat because of my personal feelings for them. so, i can understand why your sister refuses to eat deer. we all have our principles!

haha. no, the fact that you have eaten guinea pig does not offend me, as i don't really cherish them. however, i am curious as to why you've eaten guinea pig???

Kim/Thomas said...

When we go to montreal...we always pick up chevel at the jean talon marche...seriously..we even smuggled it in the stow and go:) (mini-van lingo) ;)

it's very good and sweet...i love riding too..i'm not sensitve that way i guess...but guinea way...

Richard said...

b:Guinea Pig is a traditional food in Peru. It is called cuy. Peru is a very mountainous country, so raising livestock is pretty hard. Actually, farming is pretty hard too, it must be manual and done in stepped fields. Keeping cuy is like keeping chickens (which they do too). It is not much different from keeping rabbits for food (my mom's dad used to keep rabbits for food, in Poland).

Why would I eat it? Because it was specially prepared for me as a Peruvian treat. You can also order it in restaurants specializing in traditional authentic Peruvian cuisine (in Peru).

The only things I might have problem eating are bugs and balut - although, Coffee Fairy made balut sound tasty and bugs really aren't much different from sea food like shrimp, crab or lobster (in fact, people who are allergic to seafood, are likely allergic to bugs).

kim/thomas: it seems to be available throughout Quebec, not just Montreal. In Ottawa (Ontario), you can't find it. Cross the river to Gatineau, formely Hull, (Quebec) and you can walk into Loblaws and buy it.

Another good thing ubiquitously found in Quebec is creton.

For the unaware, Ottawa-Gatineau is effectively one city but divided in two by the Ottawa river, with one side being in the province of Ontario, the other in Quebec.

b said...

Kim and Richard...well, to each their own, I suppose. Believe me, I never imagined that this post on the Kentucky Derby would spark so much conversation about eating horses!