Monday, June 04, 2007

New Digs

I moved into my new place over the weekend. What a chaotic but great week! The studio condo I have moved into is ideal and I'll post more about it all in the next day, as I'm currently feeling really exhausted and find even ordering coffee to be a great challenge in articulation!


Kim/Thomas said...

pictures please:)

Richard said...

Having a space to call your own is a great feeling.

Hope you enjoy it.

b said...

kim...i'll work on posting pics. sadly, i don't own a camera (very sad considering that i want to get into photography). but i'll get my hands on one soon! :)

richard...thanks. yes, it is nice. i love having my own little space with all my books out!

carra said...

Congratulations B hopefully the new placewill inspire you greatly! Good luck unpacking the last boxes :)