Wednesday, September 19, 2007

7 Songs

Yes, I posted a 7 Songs meme back in April when Tumuli tagged me. I really like the idea of revisiting this meme at least once each season. I don't know if I am singular in this but I find the seasons really dictate what I'm listening to for the most part. Of course, mood and current circumstances (heartache, new love, etc.) play a considerable role as well. So, here's what I've been listening to like a junkie as of late. If there were to be a theme to the music I've been listening to so much of lately? Mesmerizing?

1. "Babylon" by David Gray. Gray's White Ladder is a staple in my autumn music. I love this album and always return to it this time of year with absolute zeal. It just makes autumn so much more beautiful and celebrated for me. David Gray's voice, vivid images and emotional thrust pull at my heart. I have this very specific image of a scene from this song. He describes "kicking through autumn leaves and wondering where it is you might be going to.... Turning back for home, you know I'm feeling so alone; I can't believe climbing on the stair I turn around to see you smiling there in front of me." I just see that building and those stairs, the autumn leaves and two lovers reuniting. "Say Hello Wave Goodbye" is another song on this album that just melts me. It is so emotional and I feel as though I've been in that relationship and experience the anguish each time again when this song is played. That sounds really depressing but it's not!

2. "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch. Wow. This song blows me away every time. Where David Gray tugs at my heart, Alexi Murdoch just seizes my soul in this song. This song is so melodic and Murdoch's vocals are absolutely beautiful. Happiness to be alive, contemplation, a quiet knowing smile. This song produces all of those responses in me every time I listen to it. And it doesn't hurt that I love the sky and the image of a gorgeous orange sky. Interestingly, last night we had a peach horizon at sunset. Beautiful.

3. "Love You More" by Alexi Murdoch. Another song by Murdoch. This song is short and the lyrics are simple and repeated. But this song brings such a big smile to my face. It makes me excited to be loved again and reminds me just how warm and comforting love is. So, the repetition of the words and the dreamy melody are almost like a lullaby for love. Murdoch's "Song for You" and "All My Days" are also great songs.

4. "Together & Down" by Benoît Pioulard. Yes, the French name drew me in effortlessly but I think this artist is actually from Michigan! Regardless, his Précis album is wonderful. It is such an experimental blend of alternative. Some of the tracks are quite avant-garde with sound replacing or dominating lyrics. It is unique and refreshing, as it breaks the mold enough without going too far. I think that dreamers will particularly enjoy it as it has this dreamy haze effect. It makes me feel like lying in a field, gazing up at the sky and feeling utterly blissful. "Ash Into the Sky" and "Ext. Leslie Park" are also great tracks. "Moth Wings" and "Corpus Chant" are two other great tracks that are short but of that more avant-garde style. In "Corpus Chant" it sounds as though there is a marble rolling on a wooden floor and it is very soothing (and mesmerizing) to me.

5. "Pet Grief" by The Radio Dept. This song and just about all of their ther songs make me so happy. This Swedish group has a carefree melody with a slightly introspective slant. I love hearing this in the car, driving through the hills and just embracing that free feeling it evokes. "I Wanted You to Feel the Same," "The Worst Taste in Music," "Always a Relief," and of course the tracks off the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack are all great. Simple and almost give me this cleansing feeling, effortlessly ridding me of the weight of unnecessary worries or anxiety.

6. "Lake Michigan" by Rogue Wave. Great alternative song with a beat that just gets me pumped up easily.

7. "Otherwise" by Morcheeba. What a sexy song! I have to thank Tumuli for turning me onto this song, as he posted the video on his blog. I've been playing it repeatedly.

So, that's what I've been listening to lately. If any of the following usual suspects want to be tagged for the meme, great! Tumuli, Richard, KIm, Erin, Carra, Cavalock, La Page Française, MJ, Ancilla, Vicki, and anyone else interested!


Ancilla said...

so sorry b, i really not in the mood of listening specified music. therefore, i can't.
well, it doesnt mean that i do not hear any music at all... i heard it everyday, just not special...

just drag all the songs to winamp and listening randomly.

quite pathetic isn't it?

b said... apologies necessary. i certainly go through phases in which i am not listening to anything specific, too. not pathetic at all!

j.elliot said...

Thanks B!
Is it raining up there yet? I've been missing the rain, and Escape From New York pizza! mmmm...


Oh, I linked to you on my little page.

b said...

j.elliot...not raining up here yet. it is the most gorgeous autumn day skies and leaves turning with that crisp air. i really do like the rain though and don't dread it as i used to. yes, escape from new york pizza is so good. your mention has pretty much guaranteed that i'll be strolling up there this weekend for a slice! thanks for stopping by my blog again. love this latest song!

carra said...

I've been tagged! Wow that at least will give me something to do! Thanks B. I love your list and all the explanations... I wish I thought things through so well. I usually listen for a guitar to be late, or for the drummer to rush! Even though I put an enormous significance to the words as well...

Richard said...

I managed to listen to them over the weekend (except for "Together & Down" by Benoît Pioulard).

Definitely not my style of music. (sorry)

The problem is the music sounds contrived and insincere (Sofia says it is because I have no soul) - not just that music, but most music in general. Pick some supposedly great song (like Hotel California) and I have no clue why people enjoy it - it does absolutely nothing to stimulate my neurons.

The most common response to the music I listen to is that it is noisy - but I don't hear it that way. Mind you, I definitely find some music noisy.

It is the same with poetry, I respond to certain kinds, but not most. I seem to respond best to simple, repetitive patterns (as illustrated by these two poem fragments):

Busy, curious, thirsty fly!
Drink with me and drink as I:
Freely welcome to my cup,
Couldst thou sip and sip it up:

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

b said... are too sweet! I know very, very little about music. I just know what I like...what moves me. I love the subjectivity of music, as with all other art forms. So, it is particularly interesting to read other people's preferences! Your list and explanations on your blog are great! Thanks for "playing." :)

Richard...well, I hope my music choices didn't make you physically ill! Haha. No apologies necessary. As I mentioned in my comment to Carra above, I fully appreciate how subjective music is. I share your feelings about poetry. I recognize the general beauty and skill behind poetry but cannot say that I respond to most of it. Literature has always been my preferred form of art...I respond so deeply to it, and so effortlessly.