Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lesson in Humility

Yep...the title says it all. I drafted the last pick (#10) in my fantasy football league. Tear. It will be hard to defend my legacy with what I was able to pick up with that position in our draft. Granted, my success has never come from having a supreme pick. I've never had one of the first three picks. One year I had the 5th of 7 and last year I had 4 of 10. But 10 of 10 hurts...bad! However, as I was feeling sorry for myself during the draft, I thought about joining another league (playing two leagues) like most people do, so that I could at least have the chance of a better team elsewhere. But it dawned on me how egotistical this would be. Don't I always talk about how much fun fantasy football is and how the winning isn't the reason for my enjoyment of playing?

So, I felt hypocritical...immensely so. This fantasy season will be spent in absolute humility. After two years of dominating, I will be mocked endlessly by my fellow league mates who likely spent their birthday wishes this year wishing for my demise. But I can't throw in the towel completely and I am not going to join another league to make myself feel better. I will endure the season, trying to make something decent out of the injury risks and potential sleepers I drafted. I will have to hold my head up high and endure the ridicule of my league, not acting like a victim because of my draft position. I prided myself for winning with grace, never being boastful or arrogant. Losing with grace is just as important. Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes you're the fire hydrant.

And yes, I realize this is just a game!


j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by to say: nice blog you have here.


b said...

j.elliot...thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the first song you have posted. best wishes with your pursuits down there in l.a. i look forward to hearing more of your music.

Richard said...

You have probably done better than I would have; I have no interest or knowledge of sports (which is proving tricky since my sone is sports crazy).

b said... girly as i am in many aspects i do like some sports, namely football. in no way do i have the sports almanac knowledge like many guys but i know enough. and i really just like the game for the game. as i mentioned in my previous post i believe, i think my love of football is tied closely to my love of autumn...crisp cool air in an open stadium with a gorgeous green field. and college football always has this nostalgic feel to it. not simply my nostalgia for old college days but just a general american nostalgia for college football.

so, your son is sports crazy? does he prefer any sport over the others? cand you at least kick a soccer ball around with him without going insane? :)

Richard said...

He seems predominantly fixated on hockey, but yeah, I can kick a ball with him without going crazy. I took him (and his sister) to see a ball game in Ottawa (they were more interested in eating - with Jason talking about how good the Blue Jays are). We also do some basketball.