Saturday, December 15, 2007

6 Days to Vacation!!!

Oh, how I need this vacation! I am feeling so tired out and seem to have such a little amount of free time these days. But, life is great. Friday is in sight and after Christmas, I will be able to indulge myself in activities that my schedule has restricted me from considerably as of late. 

Such activities include: blogging (especially about France but really about anything and everything that strikes me!), reading and commenting on my favorite blogs, taking the whole series of Rosetta Stone French language lessons (1&2) that are sitting on my shelf and reviewing my old French textbooks, reading A LOT, sleeping in (which I tried to do today and was wide awake at 9am!), sitting at my favorite café a couple of blocks away, meeting with friends for a drink, watching movies, making a list of places and things I must do while in Paris next summer, thinking (but not stressing) about the details of getting to Paris, reading (or attempting to) French newspapers. Basically, absolute indulgence of my passions and dreams.

P.S. Despite my seeming exhaustion, I have been working out consistently and eating well. I've already lost 5 pounds since I posted my goal to lose 10. And I think that was less than three weeks ago? I haven't starved myself and I'm not taking diet pills. Just healthy eating (I still allow myself a couple of decadent meals each week) and a lot of cardio and weight workouts. 

Truly, things are working out so well and not just on the diet/health front. Amazing what happens when you are on the right path and find amazing support from those helping hands that Campbell speaks of. 


La Belette Rouge said...

Sounds like a brilliant and very ambitious vacation---if a little chock filled. Any time for lollygagging, wacky shenanigans or decadent hedonism? Helping hands want to know. :-)

Congratulations on your half way mark!! It is proof of the power of giving voice to your intention and then taking small, reasonable, and managable steps to make it happen.
Félicitations. Today five pounds, tomorrow Paris!!!

Anonymous said...

I usually try to fill my weekends with indulgences, beautiful isn't it?

How long will you be in Paris? Are you attending language classes?

Yes, I can see what being on the right path does for a person. Peace, calm and a clear vision to the future. I am very happy to hear that the puzzle pieces are filling together. I really hope that all of us dreamers can meet in France someday!

La Page Française said...

Ah, that just sounds like a dreamy break with lots of wonderful activities. I too am looking forward to a few days off and will be doing many of the same things as you: reading, sleeping, seeing friends for a drink, movies, walks, dreaming and scheming, etc. Congratulations on your halfway point and also, that is so great that you are following your Paris dreams. I actually wrote this long comment to your personal legend post, only to accidentally delete it before I hit send. Grrr...But the gist of it was congratulations on not living a half-life and of following your dreams.

b said...

LBR... I know. The more I think about it, I realize that week is going to go by very quickly and I definitely need to make time for some total sloth and yes, decadent hedonism doesn't sound bad, either! :)

Thanks for the ongoing support and encouragement!

Colleen... I too like to fill my weekends with indulgences. I love going out for drinks on Saturday night and then allowing myself to sleep in on Sunday, lay in bed and watch football, read, and just lay low. Unfortunately, the past few weekends have been pretty hectic.

I'll be in Paris for about 4-6 weeks sometime in July. I am not taking any language classes right now but I did all last year. Sadly, I have not worked on my French in months. But I am hoping to jump-start my French again over my vacation and then work on it before I go over there next summer.

I hope that we can all meet up in France someday, too. How wonderful will that be? And I'm also really excited to see how that experience affects each of individually. :)

La Page Française... I'm happy that you too will be able to enjoy some time off after the holidays. It seems like a great time to take a break, after all the excitement, etc.

Ugh. I have written long comments like that before and have "lost" them. Regardless, I appreciate your comment and support... it is significantly felt.

Take A Year Out said...

it's late in london and i am tired, but tonight i just really get that all this dreaming and writing, writing and dreaming, is going to lead somewhere really beautiful one day soon.

enjoy the rest of your sunday in your awesome country guys x

Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to come around here, i've gained 5 lbs just re-reading my own recipes...hehehe

Congratulations to you, i want you for mentor! :-)

A bientot j'espere!

Randal Graves said...

It's up to you single types to partake in some decadent hedonism in support of us poor married shlubs. ;-)

And everyone is going to France this year. I'm tempted to sell a body part and head on over myself!

Richard said...

I suppose you mean Christmas vacation rather than some "trip" vacation?

I am looking forward to the time off as well. Still have to get my Christmas shopping in - which I hope to do this Friday.

b said...

TAYO...I am happy to hear that you feel that way. I do too and I say this all the time but I am very fortunate and inspired to share my dreams and hear about everyone else's.

Zen Chef... Ah, merci. You are too kind. I consider myself pretty optimistic but lately, I am feeling something beyond optimistic. I feel really alive and in pursuit of my dreams. It is exhilarating. And with all the great support and inspiration from you and others, it fuels my pursuit further. Oh, and I think I gained that 5lbs. back reading your churros and hot chocolate recipe tonight! :)

Randal... Haha. Well, if I must take one for the team! Wow, that sounds really filthy, doesn't it? Truly, I'm just so excited to read, go to my favorite coffee shop and sleep! Yes, please do sell a body part and meet us all in Paris. I hear that they are legalizing the sale of kidneys now (or it is being talked about on that level I think). I think one of my co-workers said that your kidney could go for something like $100k if accepted. :)

Richard... Yes, a break or reprieve but no physical trip anyplace. And that is more than okay with me. As much as I'd like to go someplace, I really need to collapse and indulge in some sloth! I'm glad you get some time off as well. And I too have to finish some shopping this weekend. I think I can avoid the mall however, and that is a very good thing. Now, I just need to make it through this week!

Randal Graves said...

$100k? Hmm. But wait. I'd have to cut back on my wine, wouldn't oh. Oh, fates, verily how thee doth mock me! And don't mind the filth, I won't tell a soul. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! :-)
That momentum is exhilarating, it feels like you can surmount any obstacles. So exciting! i'm happy for you.

I still need to get my priorities straight to get back on that level. Should i add 'experience decadent hedonism in France' to my goals to spice them up a little and stay focused? ;-)

Cavalock said...

I guess France to u is like what Japan is to me! ;)

Have a great vacation!

b said...

Randal... yeah, I think it was something like that. I don't know about having to cut back on your wine if you only have one kidney. I guess that would be nice to know first, eh? :)

Zen Chef...That feeling is wonderful, thank you. I think we all need to continuously put ourselves in check to stay on our true path. I know I do on a very frequent basis!! Haha. Yes, maybe we all need to add a little decadent hedonism to our life! :)

Cavalock... Yes. Isn't it interesting how we are each drawn so powerfully to different things? And thankfully, too!