Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas everyone!! Words cannot express just how grateful I am today and truly, everyday. This blog started as a place for me to try and get in the habit of writing consistently, to voice my opinions about injustices and just rant about whatever was on my mind. It has evolved into a very special and significant part of my life... a place in which I feel absolutely myself... free to express what I am feeling and record my evolution as a human being who deeply wants to live a meaningful life. Over time, I came to realize that I didn't necessarily need a place to practice my writing habit, but I need a place to be myself and express myself freely. We all do.

I never imagined that I would find such inspiration, friendship, acceptance and generosity of spirit in this virtual blogosphere. But there is nothing virtual about it, really. The inspiration, friendship, acceptance and generosity are very real and fuel my life in such a profound way. Thank you all for being a part of my personal journey and sharing your journey with me, in whatever way you have chosen to. Because of you, my journey has been enriched tremendously. I am eternally grateful and humbled.

Thank you all so very much. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

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Cavalock said...

Merry Xmas and a great 2008 ahead!

La Belette Rouge said...

Dear B,
Once again, I want to thank you for all that you have given to me through your inspiration, friendship, acceptance and enormous generosity. Whatever your motivation was to start blogging, I am so glad that you did and happier I found your blog!!
And, I am so very happy to call you friend. Wishing you every happiness today and always.
Your friend and fellow traveler on the path to Paris and bliss,

Randal Graves said...

You can pay me back by bringing me to Paris with you. I'll disguise myself as a giant duffel bag. ;-)

Thanks for being a groovy cat, keep on writing, and keep on posting!

b said...

Cavalock... Merry Christmas to you!! I hope 2008 brings you much fulfillment and happiness as well!

LBR... Oh, your kindness and sincerity never cease to inspire me. I too feel incredibly grateful to have you in my life. It is so wonderful to have such a like soul in my life and someone also dedicated to following that bliss and living a fulfilling life. I'm so looking forward to meeting with you in Paris!! Thank you for all you are and do for me!

Randal... You're a pretty groovy cat yourself. So glad we found one another's blog! I love your sense of humor and wit. I'll be happy to bring you to Paris in a giant duffel bag!! Somehow, someway, right?! :)

Anonymous said...

It is incredible isn't it?! I'm thankful to have gotten to know you in this short amount of time. Soon we will be a united front in France.

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!
I hope i'll get to meet you someday in Paris to enjoy 'les plaisirs de la vie Parisienne' and I'm not only talking about decadent hedonism hahaha :-) just kidding!
Thank you for sharing with us such incredibly uplifting words and cheers to the New Year! May all your dreams come true.

Take A Year Out said...

i agree - there is nothing virtual about the blogosphere.

let's hear it for self expression...

great to know you B.


Sofia said...

Your blog is an inspiration to me. I hope that one day I will be brave enough to venture out of my little hole here and travel again. Do a lot of things again that my "child self" wants to pursue. Writing used to come so easily for me especially during my pot smoking artsy days. Now, I am trying to climb out of the "writers block hold" and hope to one day be free from what is binding me and keeping me from my self expression.
Thank you for taking the time and allowing us to read behind your shoulder on your journey.

b said...

Colleen... Thank you!! Yes, soon we will be a united front in France. But already, I feel that we are a united front here - encouraging each other to get there!

Zen Chef... Merci! Yes, that would be wonderful. Do you get to Paris often? And not to worry... if we do meet up in Paris, I will not ask you to cook for me... although it is a tempting request! :) I'm so happy you find my posts uplifting. I enjoy your posts as well... it is always great to hear about other people's lives and passions. Although your work as a personal chef comes with many challenges, it is undeniably fulfilling for you and that is wonderful to witness.

TAYO... It's great to know you as well. Self expression is so huge, isn't it? It makes me feel vulnerable at times but that vulnerability is necessary to feel fully. And I'm always humbled and inspired by the continuous support I receive. Thank you.

Sofia... Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment more than words can express. I hope you will venture out, too. And as I speak of in my recent post, it really only requires our assent and then small steps. I definitely go through my moments of writer's block. I am by no means a prolific writer but I am always authentic and write from my heart, even if that means being vulnerable.

This blog format has helped tremendously. It allowed me to start writing with a strong feeling of anonymity and without any concern of publication/merit/etc. I assumed no one would really view my blog regularly or make any kind of judgment about what I wrote. And there has been no judgment whatsoever. What I was surprised to find was a tremendous amount of support and some people that I consider my very best friends.

I look forward to returning to your blog and reading more about your journey. Thank you again for the very kind comments!

Richard said...

Funny how our blogs did not turn out to be what we expected. I also expected to be more opinionated and didactic in mine. But, in the end, I preferred to just be me and express myself and my thoughts.

b said...

Richard... I'm happy to hear you say this about your blog as well. I think there is something so wonderful in that evolution of our blogs and selves. Being ourselves and expressing ourselves freely and sincerely is very rewarding and really, just natural. The gift that comes with it... people out there that actually return to our blogs and support our true selves and appreciate us as we are.

Anonymous said...

I try to go to Paris every year! My brother just moved back to Paris from Toulouse so it looks like i will be going more. :-)

I don't mind cooking for you in Paris, shopping in the street markets is a real treat, lot's of beautiful things!

b said...

Zen Chef... Well, LBR and I shall be in Paris in July 2008. If you are in the city during that time, we would LOVE to have you cook for us. But may I please, please, please join you while you shop the street markets?! I know I will love that experience, especially accompanied by a fabulous French chef (you!) who is selecting items to cook for us! Now that is what I call decadent hedonism!! :-)

carra said...

I am too late for Merry Christmas, but happy new year. I hope that 2008 will be filled with many dreams coming true! Also if you're in Paris in July can I pop over to say hello? I promise not to have an emotional breakdown :)

b said...

Carra.. Happy New Year to you as well! Yes, I hope you will come visit in July. Haha. No emotional breakdowns? Isn't that what life is all about?! :)

Betty C. said...

Hi and happy new year...I've just read a lot of your latest posts and the writing is really excellent. This is a moving tribute to blogging, and I totally agree with it! I didn't know anything about the "connecting with other people" aspect of blogging until about six months into it!